Ted Lasso Costume

Oct 23, 2021 | TV

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Ted Lasso is an American football coach who ends up as the coach of the British football team called AFC Richmond. It’s a funny yet really heartwarming show. Definitely can’t go wrong with a Ted Lasso costume.

ted lasso costume 01

The easiest thing to do would grab some AFC Richmond gear from the WB site.

You could definitely DIY if you prefer. We’re just going for a close look. It doesn’t have to be exact to work as a Ted Lasso costume.

So he has a number of looks. It’s mostly athleticwear of course. Go with what you have or can easily pick up.

Track Jacket outfit – Throw on a blue track jacket, some dark navy joggers/sweatpants and grab yourself a whistle. You could accessorize with some aviators and a white visor hat.

ted lasso track jacket outfit

Sweater Outfit – Toss on a button up shirt. Layer a v-neck sweater on top. Finish it off with tan chinos/khakis.

ted lasso sweater outfit

Puffer Outfit – Pretty much the same thing as the sweater outfit. Just switch out the sweater with a dark navy puffer coat or layer it on top. Color of the pants doesn’t really matter.

ted lasso puffer outfit

No matter what outfit you go with you definitely need to either grow a moustache or you need to put on a fake moustache. It wouldn’t be a Ted Lasso costume without it.

An obvious optional accessory could be a soccer ball, which could work with any of the Ted Lasso costume ideas.


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