Captain N: The Game Master Costume

Oct 21, 2022 | TV

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Captain N: The Game Master was an awesome 90’s era cartoon/comic that had the main character Kevin Keene transported to Videoland–a world with real life video game characters.

captain n the game master costume

To start your Kevin “Captain N” Keene costume definitely grab yourself a red varsity/letterman jacket.

A yellow t-shirt is Captain N’s primary attire.

Toss on some light blue jeans.

Toss on some sneakers.

Make yourself a belt buckle out of an old/retro NES controller.

    Captain N’s weapon of choice is the trusty NES Zapper light gun.

    If you get tired of carrying around the gun you can toss it in your trusty belt holster.

    A quick and easy accessory would be an ‘N’ patch for your jacket.

    captain n the game master costume 002

    Once you have it all on, you’ll be transformed into Kevin “Captain N” Keene. Perfect for a gaming con/gaming party/etc.

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