Squid Game – Player Costume

Oct 15, 2021 | TV

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Squid Game is the highest streamed show ever on Netflix so to say it’s pretty popular is an understatement. Put together your own squid game player costume and group up with your friends to have your own battle royale or maybe just a Halloween party.

squid game player costume

First grab yourself a green track suit. There’s a fake listings for squid game suits. You can usually tell because they have the same stock images. Maybe just stick with an adidas suit.

Another option is to get just the track pants and then a ringer/baseball t-shirt.

Put a ringer/baseball t-shirt on. You’d layer it under the track jacket if you pick one up.

You can accessorize your track jacket and/or ringer t-shirt with some iron on numbers to look like an official squid game player.

Alternatively you could write the numbers in with some fabric paint/fabric markers.

Slip on a pair of white canvas slip on shoes.

You can spill some fake blood on yourself to enhance your look.

Some accessories you can carry are a bag of marbles (or rocks), dalgona cookies to pass out, or squid game invite cards to pass out.

So hopefully that will help you put together your own squid game player costume.

squid game player costume items