Squid Game – Guard Costume

Oct 13, 2021 | TV

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Squid Game is probably the most popular show online at the moment. Everywhere you look there’s memes/posts about this show. Put together your own Squid Game guard costume and team up with your friends so you can backstab them of course.

squid game - guard costume


First throw on a fuchsia¬†set of hooded coveralls. The color doesn’t have to be an exact match. Red/pink/etc would work also.

Alternatively, you can put on a fuchsia/red/pink/etc jumpsuit.

Another option is a two piece sweat suit in fuchsia/red/pink/etc.

Grab yourself a fencing mask. There’s some squid game masks available on Amazon but all the sellers have very sketchy feedback so I’d skip them personally.

Alternatively you could just get a black Zentai mask.

You can use some white fabric paint to draw a design on your fencing/zentai mask.

Throw on some black boots.

A black belt might a good accessory to toss on.

Black gloves would be another good accessory to add. Black latex/nitrile gloves would work in a pinch. Might not be as breathable though.

Some other possible accessories could be a toy rifle or toy pistol.

squid game - guard costume items

Get together with some other guards and you can have a nice group cosplay. You could pass out some dalgona cookies and challenge people to a game. Here’s a good video tutorial for making your own dalgona cookies.