Saga – Marko Costume

Oct 25, 2022 | Comics

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Marko is one of the lead characters in Saga who had a tragic story. He ended up in a Taco Bell commercial but you can put together your own Marko costume.

saga marko costume 001

First step is to grab yourself an orange t-shirt.

Next slip on a green hoodie.

Layer a jacket over top.

Put on a pair of jeans.

You could probably omit it but you can grab yourself a black belt with a buckle on it. Or you can just buy a gold buckle to use with one of your existing belts.

Toss on some black boots.

You can wrap your ankles with some gauze.

Add on a pair of ram horns.

If you can find some ram ears you can put them on. It looks like deer ears could work in a pinch.

You can accessorize with a prop/toy sword.

You can add a shield also.

saga marko costume 002

Now you’re ready to rock out!

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