Randy Marsh – Huge Balls Costume

Nov 16, 2021 | TV

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Cancer sucks but it can also get you a prescription for medicinal marijuana. Put together your own Randy Marsh huge balls costume and don’t forget to pick up some Medicinal Fried Chicken.

randy marsh huge balls costume wheelbarrow 01

Definitely grow out a moustache or put on a fake one.

Slip on a white crew neck undershirt.

Next put on a teal blue button up shirt/work shirt then roll up the sleeves. You can accessorize with a pocket protector and some pens/pencils.

Throw on some dark pants.

Put on some dark shoes.

Now you need to diy some big balls. You got some options. One option is to grab a wheelbarrow.

Then pick up some big round pillows and draw some pubes on them. Then wheel them around the cart. You can grab some skin colored material/pillow case/etc and wrap them around a couple of balls/balloons/towels/etc. Keep it a little loose so it looks like it’s sagging. Then draw some fake pubes on them.

randy marsh huge balls costume 01b

Another option is to get a large bouncing ball then cover it loosely (going for the saggy look) with a skin colored sheet/blanket/material/etc. Don’t forget to draw the pubes!

randy marsh huge balls costume 01 items