Kiki’s Delivery Service – Tombo Costume

Oct 14, 2015 | Anime, Movies

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Tombo is the nerdy friend of Kiki who develops a crush for her the first time he sees her. Grab yourself a propeller powered bike and pair up with Kiki for a great couple costume.

kikis delivery service - tombo costume

First you need a red and white striped t-shirt. The wider the stripe the better.

Next you’ll need a pair of blue jeans. Make sure to cuff your jeans.

Grab yourself a brown belt with a gold buckle.

Put on a pair of large nerdy glasses.

Throw on some brown shoes.

Don’t forget to style your hair to finish off the look. If you need a wig look for a light brown one. You can also grab a costume makeup set, if you want to draw in some freckles.

kikis delivery service - tombo costume ideas