Porco Rosso Trench Coat Cosplay

Studio Ghibli’s Porco Rosso is the World War I fighter ace turned bounty hunter. He seems to look out for only himself but he has a heart of gold. Put together a Porco cospplay for yourself and hit the skies!

First you will need a beige colored trench coat.

Now put on a fedora/panama/safari/havana/stetson/snap brim hat. Preferably with a white ribbon trim.

A white dress shirt is next on the list.

Slip on a red tie.

Next grab yourself a costume pig snout.

Throw on some shades. Round/Oval if possible although shape isn’t too important.

You can grow out a manly handlebar mustache or you can throw on a costume stache.

Optionally, you can add a pair of brown leather gloves.

Once you got all that together, get out there and collect some bounties (or glasses of wine :P).