Gordon Freeman – Half-Life Lab Suit Costume

Gordon Freeman is the hero of most of the Half-Life series of games. I think Blue Shift might be one of the exceptions. This one is a little old school but it would be fun to dress up like his character from the original Half-Life game. One thing to note is you don’t really ever see him in his lab coat outfit. You do pass by him a couple of times in the Blue Shift game. There’s also a way to play Half-Life 1 in third person mode so you can see his backside.

First throw on a blue button up shirt.

Next put on some khaki pants (or white if you want to go with the Blue Shift version).

Slip on a striped tie. (Appears to be red and black but a dark navy would work also)

Throw on a white lab coat.

Put on a pair of brown shoes.

Put on any belt you got. (Looks like it might be black in-game)

Don’t forget your crowbar! You can probably spray paint it red if you want. Don’t think it matters though.

You can accessorize with some glasses.

Make sure to grow out a goatee, draw one in, or you can put on a fake one if you want.

You can add a clip on badge or a maybe name tag if you want. For your name just put “Gordon” or “Freeman”. Let people guess your character.

You can also wear a Headcrab hat for a funny finishing touch.