Overcooked Chef Costume

Oct 11, 2017 | Games

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Overcooked is one of the funnest local co-op games you can play. It’s available for all the major systems and PC so it has a pretty big audience. The game can be really tough and it might strain  your friendships but it’s so much fun. You can team up with your friends in real life for a great group costume.

If you haven’t tried the game already and have at least one other person to play with I recommend you give it a try.

First pick up a chefs hat.

Next, grab a white apron. If you can find one with buttons that would be great. It’s not too important though. If you really wanted you could sew some yourself or just add some dots with felt/sharpie/etc.

Put on some checkered chef pants although it’s probably not going to matter too much what you wear since the apron will be mostly covering them up.

Toss on a solid color shirt. Don’t think the kind of shirt really matters. Solid red, blue, green, or yellow would be good.

Slip on a neckerchief, chiffon scarf, neck scarf, etc. that matches the color of your shirt.

Grab an accessory item. My personal favorite would be an over-sized fruit/veggie/meat item.

If you want you can probably paint your nose or put on a cat mask or something else to further the look.