Evil Kermit Costume

Mar 14, 2017 | Memes

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Evil Kermit wants you to listen to your evil inner voice.

Me: Don’t dress up like Evil Kermit for the party.
Me to Me: Dress like Evil Kermit.

This is a pretty simple costume. Would be great at a bar crawl/party.

First, you need to grab yourself a Kermit mask.

Add on some green costume gloves/short gloves.

Alternatively you can pick up a Kermit costume that usually comes with a mask and gloves.

Finally, finish off the costume with some Jedi/Sith robes.

Don’t forget to come up with some witty “inner voice” messages for people. Something like “yes, you should take another shot” , “yes, you should take the last slice of pizza”, or “yes, you should give me your number”.