Fly on Mike Pence’s Head Costume

Oct 9, 2020 | Memes, Celebrities

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After the vice presidential debate the other day people are still talking about the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head. Here’s how you can put together a Fly on Mike Pence’s head costume. Some items you might have already.

fly on mike pence head

This is very simple costume. First thing you need to do is grab yourself a white/gray wig. Mike Pence has a very clean cut but I think the exact hair style isn’t going to matter too much.

Next grab a fake fly and attach it to the wig. (Use gorilla glue/super glue/etc.)

Throw on a white dress shirt.

Grab yourself a red tie.

Go to your local thrift store and grab a black suit if you don’t have one already. The color probably isn’t going to matter to be honest. Some kind of dark color (navy/charcoal/etc) should be good.

That should be good enough but if you want to enhance the look of your fly on Mike Pence’s head costume you can grab a US flag pin to attach to the suit lapel.

Now put that all together and you’ve got your own fly on Mike Pence’s head costume. Would be perfect for the next socially distanced presidential election debate watch party.

fly on mike pence's head costume