McDonald’s Donald McDonald Costume

Oct 21, 2022 | Memes

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Ronald McDonald is essentially retired nowadays but Donald McDondald is alive and kicking it in Japan still. Dress up like Donald McDonald and pick up your retro Halloween buckets or adult happy meal in style!

Edit: Apparently they sell a Ronald McDonald costume. You can just pick that up if you want to keep it easy for yourself. You might need to pick up some items separately though.

Start with a red clown wig.

Secondly, throw on a red and white ,love sleeve striped shirt.

You’ll also need some red and white socks.

Slip on a yellow jumpsuit/coveralls. Or throw on a yellow vest with matching yellow pants. You might need to cut the sleeves off the top. 

You can add an M for McDonalds to the top for a nice touch.

Grab yourself some yellow gloves.

Slip on some red clown shoes. Add on some yellow shoelaces if you got them.

Make sure to add on the clown makeup. You can grab a kit.

Put that all together and you’ll have yourself a Japanese Donald McDonald costume. Ronald McDonald who?!