Coraline – Other Mother Costume

Oct 24, 2020 | Movies

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Other Mother is the alias used by the Beldam while it impersonates Mel Jones in the movie Coraline. Dress up in your own Other Mother costume and team up with a friend wearing a Coraline costume for a great duo costume.

coraline - other mother

First pick put on a medium length wig in black.

Next slip on a black dress with white polka dots.

You can enhance the look with a bustle.

Slip on some red shoes.

Don’t forget the button eyes to finish off the Other Mother Costume. You’ve got options.

You can grab yourself some large buttons and attach them with some spirit gum/double sided tape/eyelash glue/etc. If the buttons are large enough you could possibly wear it like a monocle. If the holes are close enough you should be able to see (not enough to drive though lol). You could expand the holes slightly if you need more vision.

You could also buy some round sunglasses/eyeglasses and then modify them to look like buttons. Then you’d wear them normally. You could use black mesh/scrim/etc to make them dark but still keep things visible.

Another option is to put on some makeup and make your eyes look like buttons.



An optional accessory that can add to your look is a red ribbon/choker worn around your neck.

For makeup you can whiten your face if you want to look more like the angry version of Other Mother. You can darken your cheekbones if you want to have more skeletal features. Put on some red lipstick. Draw on a beauty mark with some makeup. Paint your nails red and you’ll be set in your completed Other Mother Costume!

 coraline - other mother costume

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