Back 4 Blood – Holly Cosplay

Oct 30, 2021 | Games

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Back 4  Blood is the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series. Put together your own Back 4 Blood Holly cosplay and you can go smashing some zombies.

back 4 blood holly cosplay 01

First grab yourself an orange/redhead wig if necessary. Style it in a messy ponytail.

Put a blue baseball cap on. Wear it backwards.

Slip on a yellow t-shirt.

Next grab a pair of elbow pads.

Wrap a red flannel shirt around your waist.

Put on some torn up leggings/tights/stockings.

Layer some frayed jean shorts on top of the leggings.

Throw on some yellow socks.

Grab a pair of cyan shoes.

Toss on a blue backpack.

Don’t forget to stick on some enamel pins.

Can’t leave home without a wooden baseball bat. You might be able to grab a fake one with nails in it.

Phew. Probably can skip some of that stuff but if you can get everything you’ll have yourself one nicely done Back 4 Blood Holly cosplay.

back 4 blood holly cosplay 01 items v2