Book of Mormon – Elder Price Costume

Oct 12, 2015 | Musicals

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Book of Mormon is the musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Elder Price is one of the main characters who dreams of being stationed in Orlando, Florida for his two year mission.

book of mormon - elder price costume

To start you will need a white short sleeved dress shirt.

Next you’ll need a black tie. Clip tie would be easier but a real tie would be more versatile.

Put on a pair of black dress pants.

Slip on a pair of black dress socks.

Grab a pair of black dress shoes.

Next put a black belt on.

Use this guide to make your own Church of Latter Day Saints Missionary Badge, then put it in a name tag holder.

You can get a used copy of the Book of Mormon or make your own Book of Arnold to finish off the look.

book of mormon - elder price costume ideas