Björn Borg & John McEnroe Costume

Nov 30, 2021 | Sports

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Here’s a tag team costume idea for you sport fans. Dress up like legendary tennis players Björn Borg and John McEnroe.

bjorn borg and john mcenroe costume 01

Björn Borg

First, of all grab yourself a form fitting polo shirt with a contrast collar. Just getting a form fitting polo should work in a pinch.

Next put on some white above the knee shorts.

Grab some athletic socks.

Put on some sneakers.

Throw on a red track jacket.

Accessorize with a striped headband. A regular headband if you can’t find one.

Also put on some striped wristbands. Some regular wristbands if you can’t find any.

Throw on a long blond wig.

Pick up a vintage tennis racquet from your local thrift store. If you can’t find one just grab any tennis racket you have.

You could grow out a five o clock shadow/beard to finish off the Björn Borg costume.

bjorn borg costume 01 items

John McEnroe

The John McEnroe costume is similar to the Björn Borg costume. If you’re actually pairing up with a friend I recommend wearing opposite colors. So Björn wear red and white and blue while John wears blue red and white colors. It could be as simple as different colored headbands.

So first thing you would need is a white polo with blue and red accent stripes.

John also rocked the above the knee shorts.

Slip on some athletic socks.

Throw on some Nike tennis shoes/sneakers.

Pick up a blue and red track jacket.

Grab yourself a red headband.

Put on a curly wig.

Don’t forget the vintage tennis racquet.

That should finish off the John McEnroe costume. Now you’re ready for a celebrity tennis match!

john mcenroe costume 01 items 


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