René Magritte – The Son of Man Costume

Oct 8, 2017 | Art

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The Son of Man is the famous painting by René Magritte. It’s a pretty simple costume and would be great way to class up your Halloween party.

First grab yourself a bowler/derby hat.

Secondly, put on a white dress shirt.

Slip on a red tie.

Next toss on an overcoat.

Alternatively you can wear a dark suit that you already own or if you want to cut down on heat.

If you aren’t wearing a suit combo toss on a dark pair of pants (although you could probably get away with anything).

Get yourself a green apple or you can get an artificial/foam one. Preferably with the stem attached.

If you want the stem you can get an artificial one and attach it to the apple. Don’t think it’s really necessary though.

You can use some floral tape or floral wire to attach the leaves to the apple stem. Attach the apple to your hat with a safety pin, hot glue, etc. You can also sew it to the hat.

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