Office Space – Milton Waddams Costume

Oct 28, 2015 | Movies

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Milton Waddams is the quiet and kooky employee at Initech who loves nothing more than his red stapler. He secretly plans his revenge after his boss Lumbergh moves him into the basement and takes away his stapler.

office space - milton waddams costume

First, you need to get short sleeve dress shirt. Striped gray or light solid gray should work. Make sure to leave the top button unbuttoned. Spread collar would be the best option.

Next, grab a dark gray/charcoal colored tie. Textured if possible.

Pick yourself up a gray belt.

Put on some black pants.

Next pick up some eye glasses.

Grow out a mustache or pick up some spirit gum and a costume stache.

Grab a geeky watch.

Print off a Milton Initech name badge and put it a name tag holder/badge holder. Hang it off your pocket.

Put a pocket protector in your pocket along with some pens/pencils/etc.

Finally, don’t forget the all important red Swingline stapler.

office space - milton waddams costume ideas