Office Space – Bill Lumbergh Costume

Bill Lumbergh is a non-confrontational micro managing vice president at Initech. Also he’s going to need you to come in to the office tomorrow. Oh and Sunday too.

office space - bill lumbergh

First, you will need to grab a contrast collar dress shirt with french cuffs. Usually that means a dress shirt with a white collar and white cuffs.

Don’t forget to grab some cuff links.

Next, pick up some suspenders/braces.

Throw on some dress pants.

Put on a belt.

Grab yourself a matching tie that is relatively wide. 3″+ if possible.

You could add in a tie bar as an accessory.

You can also add in a class ring for additional detailing.

Throw on a pair of glasses.

Print off a Lumbergh Initech name badge and hang it off your belt loop using a name tag holder.

Finish off the look with an Initech mug.

office space - bill lumbergh ideas