Corn Kid Costume

Oct 24, 2022 | Memes

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Corn Kid from TikTok is the biggest corn fan ever. Put together an easy corn kid costume and spread your love for corn too!

This is a pretty easy costume to put together. You could probably just use items you already own. Just get some corrrnnnn!

In the original viral TikTok video Corn Kid wears a London t-shirt covered in double decker busses. You could probably just wear a London t-shirt, something covered in busses/cars, or any t-shirt you already own.

Next throw on some pants/shorts. You can’t even see what he’s wearing in the original video. In subsequent videos he seems to like light washed colored jeans.

Finally grag yourself some corn! You can put it on a stick like the original video or you can just carry it on the cob. If you get some artificial corn you won’t have to worry about making a mess (but you can’t eat it). If you get a bundle (real or fake) you can hand them out!

corn kid costume 002

Don’t forget to tell everyone about your love for corn and everyone will know you’re TikToks Corn Kid!

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