Cat Daddy – Jackson Galaxy Costume

Oct 29, 2021 | Celebrities

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The Cat Daddy is Jackson Galaxy. This guy genuinely loves cats and some call him a cat whisperer. Put together your own Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy costume and maybe your furball stop knocking your stuff off the counters.

cat daddy jackson galaxy costume 01

Start off by grabbing yourself a dress shirt. A loud color/print could definitely work.

Layer a vest on top.

Throw on a pair of dress pants/jeans/anything really.

Put on a bald cap or shave your head!

Grow out a goatee or stick on a fake one.

You can accessorize with some bold eyeglasses.

Another accessory could be multiple bead bracelets.

Another possible accessory could be a stuffed cat plushy that you can carry around/stick on your shoulder.

cat daddy jackson galaxy costume 02b

Rockabilly/Bowling Shirt Outfit – Alternatively you can replace the dress shirt and vest with a loud rockabilly/bowling style shirt. That’s another Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy looks.

cat daddy jackson galaxy costume 01 rockabilly